Saturday, May 19, 2012

What Yellow Means to Me

"Mellow Yellow"
6" x 6"
This is the story of a special little palomino filly I met a couple years ago.  She came to the barn for training and to participate in some nutrition studies.  She had no name and she had only been handled a few times.  I spent the first two weeks with her just teaching her to be caught and let me put a halter on.  She was one of the most fearful horses I have ever worked with.  At the end of 4 months I was able to ride her around like a dream.  She never bucked or misbehaved.  People around the barn started calling her "Mellow Yellow" and it stuck.  She was a special little filly and I wish I could see where she is now. 

This is my entry into DPW's "the yellow challenge".  When I think of yellow I think of this amazing little palomino filly.  This was painted from the only photo I ever took of her the first day I met her.  I wish I had taken more. 

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