Monday, May 28, 2012

Spots and Horse Racing

6" x 6"

In the Pack
6" x 9"
These first two paintings were done for the DPW challenge Seeing Double.  I had to use the same reference but change up the size and composition of the piece.  So I chose a photo I took of some Quarter Horse racers and zeroed in on the pretty sorrel on the left.  I completed the large piece first.  I think I tried to put too much detail in the group painting.  I should have either left out some stuff or painted it bigger.  I really like how the headshot turned out though. 

Lonely Cheetah
6" x 6"
I just love cheetahs.  They are one of my favorite wild animals.  They are so graceful and somewhat elusive.  I think it is interesting how they are normally alone.  I think it would be a sad life.  I used the reverse side of my watercolor paper because it was much smoother and I wanted to see how it would work out.  I can't really decide if I like painting on the smooth side better or not. 

Polka Spots
5.5" x 5"
If there is anything I like drawing/painting as much as horses it would have to be dogs.  I couldn't resist those spots and puppy-dog eyes.   I really enjoyed using a limited palette on this one.  Made things much simpler for me. 

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