Thursday, June 21, 2012

Window Paintings

Oh my, I didn't realize I had been away for so long.  I assure you that I haven't been completely slacking... I just haven't really seemed to finish much.  I have ideas bouncing around my head and driving me crazy; I just haven't put any of them to paper yet.  I should probably write them down or I am sure to forget most of them.

Lately I have been spending my time at a different and less permanent type of painting.  Window painting!  It is very fun and freeing because it is such a large "canvas".  The Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team is in the finals and I have been asked to paint on the windows of local businesses and homes to show support.  I hadn't done any window painting since my high school fundraising days, but I am so glad that I had the opportunity to do it again.

Here are three of the paintings I did.  You can see how large the windows are by my tiny reflection.  They are in no way perfect, but I think that gives them a bit of extra character.