Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tour of the White House

White House Corridor
9.5" x  8"
I have actually been drawing quite a bit lately, but I loaned out my camera so I had no way of showing them all to you until now.  This is a painting of a corridor in the White House.  I loved how the light cast shadows and light on the ceiling.  I originally had a much bigger picture in mind, but it was too difficult and cluttered so I had to shrink my vision.  I hate to blame the materials, but I really struggled to paint on this paper.  It is 140lb cold press from a watercolor sketchbook I purchased years ago and then forgot about.  I felt like I was painting on cardboard.  I couldn't get the paint to flow or mix and everything looked significantly more chalky than any previous painting.  I will probably give the paper another chance, but if I get similar results then I will probably just use it for sketching.  Overall, this was one of the most difficult paintings I have done.  The perspective was very skewed based on the way the photo was taken (it almost looked like it was taken with a fisheye lens) so I couldn't even rely on my ruler. 

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