Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Pick a Pack of Peppers

6" x 6" each
Acrylic on Canvas
Decided to do some fruit studies in acrylics that I could hang in my kitchen.  I originally had decided on citrus fruits, but I don't really like the taste of citrus much.  So I decided to go with a flavor I DO love.... Peppers!!! Bell peppers are so fun to paint because they come in unique, funky shapes and their slick skin is so shiny.  Originally all four peppers had red backgrounds like the green pepper and I was having a very difficult time making the peppers look the color they were supposed to be with the paints I had.  I thought it was a problem with my paints, but as soon as I repainted the backgrounds I was able to see the true color pop out and had to make very few adjustments after that to call it a finished painting.

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